The Art of Design, Engineering and Quality Consolidation


Tolerance Co.

The Art of Design, Engineering and Quality Consolidation

Tolerance company was established in 1984 with the help of a group of outstanding engineers and designers in the field of door hardware industry.
In line with the rapid growth of this industry in the world , Tolerance with its group of highly dedicated craftsmen and women and diligent workers has succeeded in winning a large share of the domestic market and also some of the neighbouring countries.
Before-sale and after-sale services, speed and ease of interaction with respected customers and resellers have placed “Tolerance” in a position, that today, with 35 years of experience and having more than 400 local sales representatives, the company is known as one of the leading manufacturers of these products, and besides entrepreneurship, it also plays a main role in the industry’s development, together with the other colleagues.
We are proud that all production phases such as diecasting, pressing, plating, polishing and packaging are entirely processed locally.
As a design-lead company, we are constantly experimenting with new ideas, designs and materials and endeavoring to meet our customer’s high expectations.

Tolerance Co.

Tolerance Products consists of:

Door Handles

Entrance | Apartment | Interior

Closet and Cabinet Handles




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