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olerance Company was founded in 1984 comprised of a group of outstanding engineers and designers in the realm of design and production of a variety of constructional tools. Alongside the accelerated growth and development of this industry throughout the world, “Tolerance” with the help of its excellent engineers and diligent workers, has succeeded to attract a large share of domestic market and a number of neighboring countries as well.
Before-sale and after-sale services, speed and ease of interaction with respected customers and re-sellers have places “Tolerance” in a position, that today, with 31 years of experience and having more than 400 local sales representatives, the company is known as one of the most significant and influential manufacturers of these products, and besides entrepreneurship, it also plays a main role in the industry’s development, together with the other colleagues.
We are proud that all production phases such as die-casting, pressing, plating, polishing and packaging are entirely processed locally. In our long-term vision, we are also planning to design the products, which definitely meet our respected clients’ expectations from an Iranian product.

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